What is It

Developed for the Astian OS operating system, Sauce is an innovative development where the main objective is to offer the user an intuitive system. Sauce is a fast, easy-to-use, customizable, easy-to-learn flexible system not only for computers but also any device (ARM or embedded devices). It is developed in Qt5, QtQuick and Wayland. Willow along with Astian OS have as mission to promote the use and development of webapps favoring the free standards


Qt is an application development framework based on C++ and has been chosen to implement the desktop environment and applications. Over 450,000 developers in more than 70 industries have chosen Qt to build advanced applications.

Multi Distro

Sauce is a multi-distro desktop the user has the possibility to install it in their preferred Linux distribution, Ubuntu, Debian, Open Mandriva, Fedora, and many others. Willow will also be available for BSD when the development is mature enough.


Personalization is an important element and the novice user through plugins, add-ons or widgets has the ability to customize your desktop to your liking. The expert user through the code or advanced configurations of the system.


Sauce is not only a desktop environment, Sauce is an ecosystem that together with the default applications make a symbiotic relationship offering a amazing experience for the user regardless of their computer skills


Wayland provides a method for compositing window managers to communicate directly with applications and video hardware, its goal is a system where every frame is perfect, where applications are able to control the rendering.

Open Source

Sauce is 100& free of cost for you to enjoy and shared. Open Source is collective power in action, the power of a worldwide community that build, share and improve the software together and then make it available to everyone.


Sauce consists of the necessary tools to develop responsive applications which have the ability to adapt to any screen added to this Sauce consists of libraries for developers which allow to unify the UI and UX Unifying the design.