Cszcms a different content manager

Category: Blog | Posted date: 2017-02-02 10:12:12 | Updated date: 2017-02-02 10:20:17 | Posted by: Astian

Cszcms a different content manager. Development for Astian Foundation.

This is a relatively new project within the Astian Foundation. Cszcms is a content manager I started being developed by Chinawut Phongphasook (Cskaza Bassist) in PHP using the Codeigniter framework I started last year. Following the release of version 1.1.4, Chinawut Phongphasook decided to host the project at the Astian Foundation, and to become an important part of it, as project leader and Astian representative in Thailand.

Currently Cszcms is in version 1.1.4 and tomorrow will be the publication of version 1.1.5 beta.

Although a new content manager has great opportunity for its speed, flexibility, usability, security and personalization. We invite you to download this new tool. Clicking here

Thanks to Chinawut Phongphasook.