Astian OS

Category: Blog | Posted date: 2017-01-14 00:12:31 | Updated date: 2017-02-02 10:23:51 | Posted by: Astian

astian os it is operating system based on discontinued firefox os ©, development with technology web (html, css, js)

Astian OS it is operating system based on the discontinued Firefox OS ©. Astian OS is development with technologies web HTML, CSS, Javascript. Based on the original idea of ​​Mozilla with the use of gecko without the intervention of another technology.

This is a project that is starting and that is in a phase next to reach an alpha version,Astian OS, aims to fill the void left by Firefox OS © but with big differences. for example.

Features for the first version

  • Implementation of a virtual assistant.
  • Private browsing with tracking protection.
  • Pin the web.
  • Support for Whatsapp, Telegram, and other messaging applications.
  • New app store implementation.
  • Redesign

This is the first news about the development of Astian OS, and we hope to have your support and contribution our repositories will always be available to the curious.

"All trademarks mentioned here belong to their respective owners" the name Firefox OS is a trademark and owner of the Mozilla Foundation.