Astian OS advances to desktops

Category: Blog | Posted date: 2017-02-15 14:29:39 | Updated date: 2017-02-15 20:07:03 | Posted by: Astian

Astian OS operating system free development by Astian Foundation

For the purpose of building a completely free operating system the development of Astian OS a step forward with the project. The purpose is to develop a Linux-based distribution with a desktop environment developed in HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript using Qt libraries. Although it is at an early age this complement already consists of the first images using Firefox Nightly and WebIDE next to the simulators of Firefox OS.

The main idea is to create a linux distribution with all the properties free and open source webapps, where the browser is the main actor of the same. Facilitating the convergence between Astian OS mobile and Astian OS Desktop. Astian OS Desktop will have available in its first version applications like:

  • Astore - Store of Applications - Leader Damian Ramonas.
  • Leo - Virtual Assistant development with HTML 5 and Python using rDany for written conversations - Leader Eibriel and Alfonso Hernandez.
  • Astian Maps and Navigation.
  • Astian Mail.
  • And others features

The interface of Astian Desktop is available in Gitlab.

To finish the work team of Astian Desktop is observing which distribution will use for this purpose if Debian with the new systemd or Devuan fork of Debian that does not use systemd.

The comments are very important to us so if you have any suggestion advice or comment let them know.