What can I do with JasperIoT?


Device Manage

Connect thousands of devices using communication protocols and manage them in an easy, fast and secure way, through the API and libraries that are ready to use. The registration and authentication process is complemented by administration.

Firmware Lib

The library and the API allows creating in a simple way the creation of new devices, thus reducing the cost of development. It is also possible to create integrated projects with the cloud (MQTT) or other protocols or even connect them directly via USB, Bluetooth, etc..

Analytics & Dashboard

JasperIoT and its platform you can create customized panels or boards, to visualize the information of the sensors or devices in real time or in their defects the historical data of the same. You define the design and style of each graphic, dragging and dropping.


JasperIoT has been developed with a high degree of security and supports the encryption of information for the MQTT and HTTP (S) protocols. JasperIoT allows the authentication of devices and the administration of credentials thereof.

Start Now!

Just download JasperIoT and start using it. The distribution gives the possibility of using the platform without any alteration for various applications, such as control and supervision (you can also use Docker).

Development Single

The modularity used in the JasperIoT design provides customized creation of applications. The main server interface can be fully customized to improve usability for specific use cases.