What is It

Automation will be a simple matter with JasperIoT, Without major complications, Designed on a multi-standard basis, JasperIoT can interface to various devices such as X10, Insteon, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, UPnP/DLNA, RFXCom, KNX, Sigfox, Lorawan, Zigbee or with the native elements of the home or the company, communicate with external web services and integrate all of this into a common automation enviroment. So even if based on different standards, inside JasperIoT, all "modules" can be controlled and automated to work all togheter.
With a modern built-in web user interace, JasperIoT can be enjoyed from any PC, and from smartphone or tablet with the application native for Android and IOS.

Voice Control

You can control your home and industrial environments through the voice using Siri on the Iphone and Eva from the desktop or Android mobile devices. Watch our video in vimeo. Eva is the future for automation!

Multi Platform

Although Astian OS is developed to run more efficiently JasperIoT, the user can install JasperIoT on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD and others. With a multi-platform philosophy we hope to make JasperIoT a scalable resource within ecosystems.


The user has the possibility to modify and customize all the graphic interface and user experience, because it is developed in HTML CSS and JS with basic knowledge can create a new concept and share it with the community in repository or keep it private.

Blockly Editor

With the technology blocking method developed by google Blockly, the user can develop more advanced routines without coding. Facilitating the advancement of the platform, you can share it with the community in the forums or help other users.


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Low power, wide area network designed specifically for low power consumption devices operating in local, regional, national or global networks. Communications between the devices and the network server are generally unidirectional or bidirectional.


Broad-bandwidth, low-power wireless network was created to work and interact with low-power devices-beads like sensors that run on conventional batteries-with data transfer rates up to 12 bytes. Consists of using narrow channels of the spectrum to reach great distances with a minimum energy.


Is an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios, such as for home automation, medical device data collection, and other low-power low-bandwidth needs designed for small scale projects.


The EnOcean technology is based on the efficient energy exploitation of applying a slight mechanical excitation and other powers of the environment, using the principles of the energy capture. To transform the fluctuations of such energy into usable electrical energy, they work with electromagnetism.


MQTT protocol for the management of the internet of the things that allows the communication machine to machine or M2M. Z-Wave is a next generation wireless ecosystem.


Analyze data from sensors and external services: luminance, temperature, humidity, wind, rain, energy consumption and other parameters. Optimize costs and usage. Also export these and generate multiformat reports.

Auto Learning

The artificial intelligence developed for JasperIoT allows self to learn from the information provided by the sensoric. Thus achieving concepts of energy efficiency and prediction.