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JIoT allows to implement solutions for smart agriculture.

The platform provides and delivers ready-made components and APIs ready to use, drastically reducing time to market and workforce to create smart metering solutions. Save up to 95% of development time using the following features:

  • Data collection in a reliable and fault tolerant way of your devices and IoT sensors to monitor the status of your facilities, the characteristics of crop growth, humidity level etc.
  • Advanced and flexible data visualization for real-time and historical monitoring of future farms.
  • Custom boards for the end user to share the results of the monitoring of the farms.
  • Integration with third-party analysis frameworks and solutions for advanced monitoring of electricity use.
  • Enable power management using the JIoT API to control and manage smart meters.
  • Optimize returns on entries while preserving resources by remotely configuring IoT devices based on the results of the analyzes.

JIoT provides a server architecture ready for production, allowing to easily, quickly and easily connect the integration of their devices for intelligent measurement, collecting, storing and analyzing the data produced by the entire sensor, and in turn share the results with your clients and / or end users.

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You may notice that there are many connectivity options for smart meters: either direct connection to the cloud or through the IoT gateway. The platform is compatible with industry standard encryption algorithms (SSL) and device credential types (X.509 certificates and access tokens). The collected data is stored in Cassandra, a reliable and fault-tolerant NoSQL database. JIoT Rule Engine allows you to forward incoming data to various analysis systems, such as Apache Spark or Hadoop using Kafka or other message buses.