"_Hello, World_"

I'm Astian.

Midori is a browser that was created in the 2007 project initiated by Christian Dywan. Its features are:

  • Motor WebKit.
  • Marker management
  • Management of tabs and sessions.
  • Complete integration GTK + 2 and GTK + 3.
  • Light and intuitive.
  • HTML5 support.
  • Among other.



Astian has started to work closely with the leaders of this project to improve and make this an alternative to the large browsers that currently occupy the market, which have endeavored to make these browsers, applications that consume large resources in all equipment where these are installed. This project has been chosen as the main navigator for the Astian OS operating system due to its lightness because it is small modular and easy to modify, this makes Midori very important for us.

This does not change the orientation on our objective with the system, Astian OS is and will be an operating system that will not only promote the WebApps but also the security, privacy and data of our users. With Midori we have many interesting projects that will be released little by little, such as the IDE for the creation of WebApps, integration with Molniya and many others.