"_Hello, World_"

I'm Astian.

Astore is the application manager developed for the Astian OS operating system, also compatible for Devuan. Astore is developed with GTK technology but it is also the first application that integrates Libsauce, Libsauce is a library that allows us to unify the graphic interface designs and user experience within the Astian OS ecosystem.

Astore has the following features:

Application support deb.
Support of snap applications.
Security in the installation processes.
Integration with the Astian OS repositories.

In the next versions 1.5 and 2.0 Astore will provide support for the installation of rich Android and WebApps applications. For Android applications we are working on the integration of Anbox.io and for the support of WebApps we are working on a framework or framework that allows to integrate these applications.

In the next video you can see the Astore features

Astore Manage Applications for Astian OS from Astian Foundation on Vimeo.


All our projects are hosted in Gitlab. You can find the Astore repository by clicking here.