"_Hello, World_"

I'm Astian.

At the Astian Foundation we not only develop free software and open source but also support and promote the use of these tools. Today and always we will make the following clarification, our projects and developments will always be free from open source and without direct advertising. All our codes can be audited for your confidence.

Applications that we support and promote:

Among some others, one of the applications with more ambitions and of our greatest interest is Midori Browser and WebKit, having an incredible potential as an alternative to monopolies and user privacy that in addition to being free to support GTK gives the user the possibility to manage your information at will, without direct advertising, compilation of user data and much more.  

We are working together so that within a short time Midori will be part of the Astian foundation, counting on its founder and creator Christian Dywan a unique person and the community

1200px Midori.svg

One of the applications that has all our attention is the old Piwik, now called Matomo, with this application we track the user in all the platforms of the Astian Foundation. We do this by watching and respecting the privacy of our users and navigators by not capturing their data by complete, and hiding their identifications within cyberspace. In upcoming opportunities we will be specifying how we use each of these applications.