Astian OS

Astian OS es un sistema operativo basado en Ubuntu, pero que hereda todo el concepto y diseño de Firefox OS. Astian OS esta siendo desarrollando utilizando tecnología Web. Para el entorno grafico o interfaz de usuario, utilizando Sauce Desktop, este es un escritorio desarrollando utilizando GTK y tecnología Web HTML5 CSS y JS. Astian OS es un sistema multi arquitectura, actualmente se encuentra disponible para Desktop y ARM

A Truly Open System!

YES. Astian OS is a really open operating system. Astian OS is based on the original idea of the discontinued Firefox OS, allowing all applications already exist for Firefox OS to have full compatibility with Astian OS. Using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


You are the artist of your system, personalize redesign and reinvent the Astian OS interface to your liking and preferences.

Security & Privacy

Your privacy and security is our biggest focus, you can navigate with freedom and use networked applications without the fear of being spied on

Open System

Astian OS is really free and open, and you can join a community that works for your support. YOUR WELCOME

Join the Community

Do you want to participate or contribute and so Astian is even better? Enter our community and participate, here you will find everything you need, documentation, tools, utilities and you will be able to interact with all users.