Astian Develop Public Licence!

About the license
Astian Develop Public License is based on version 2.0, of the MPL license developed by Mozilla to have its own license called Astian Develop Public License version 1.0, with the difference that ADPL will allow more freedom and more rights to free software, therefore Astian is the guardian of The ADPL.

The current version of the ADPL 1.0 license (.pdf | .odt). If you want to use or distribute code under the ADPL 1.0 and have questions about it, you may want to read the FAQ.

Astian Licensing Information
The Astian Project is only one of many users of the ADPL, but because many people come to this page looking for information about Astian's open source licensing policies and practices, we've provided the information below as a reference.

Correctly Licensing New Source Code

Any new code checked into Astian's source repositories needs to comply with Astian's source code licensing policy. Please use the appropriate header text at the top of each file.